What is Hs Code

Hs code System play very important role in export and imports goods across all over the world it is used by almost every country (98%) of the world .Hs code Harmonized System Code or Harmonized tariff code HS Code also known as HTS which means Harmonized tariff schedule The Hs Code system is classify in 21 Fraction or Department and segmented in 96 Division called as chapters and further Separated into approximately 5000 heading and subheading it was created by world custom organization for international export and import to classify goods and products into perfect merchandise order. Hs code is basically 6 digit code which defines the chapter, heading and subheading first 2 digit Define chapter of the product first 4 digits defines heading of the product and six digit defines subheading. USA use 10 digit Hs code it is also called as schedule B in this code first 6 digits functions same but the last or rest 4 digits are for Detailed Level