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Eximine Services, Started in 2015, with extensive knowledge of the field, is a Market Intelligence Company that provides systematically Consolidated Import & Export Market Reports to all over the world. We are one of the Emerging Import Export Data Provider Companies. Our Company consists of Custom Shipment Details for Analysis over Hundreds of Commodities.

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Basic Custom Data that constitutes export and importer details alongside Duties, Unit, Total Value, FOB & CIF charges, Name and their Contacts with Millions of Records. Buyer and Supplier details are one of the highlights of this report.

  • We provide a Study Current Market   Proposition
  • Competition Analysis Proposition
  • Grab New Opportunities
  • Past Data Evaluation
  • Obtain New Insights

Report of trade that takes place between two regions or countries in order to promote a better relationship towards each other. Both will reduce or eliminate tariffs, import quotas, export restraints, and other trade barriers to encourage trade and investment.

  • Trade Interconnections
  • Monitor Subsidies
  • Profit Optimization
  • Prognostication of Analysis
  • Demand Analysis
  • Translucent Vision

This is the update form of data, as it doesn’t include much of raw information. It would show you the analytics and the representation of several interpretations and methodologies to gather, review, analyze and draw conclusions from data.

  • Problem Identification.
  • Graphical Representation
  • Conclude Effective Hypothesis
  • Downloadable Format
  • Articulate Strategies
  • Competitors Map

Why this works

As Import Export Data consists of several records and shipments, This Data research helps you to formulate strategies in order.

Consolidation of records that allows you to have a clear vision of your product or the market you target for. Import Export Data simplifies that and helps in reaching out to your potential buyers and suppliers with more frequent results.


How to measure

Compare your current market proposition with previous performance. You would be able to reconcile how much of your reach towards the market has been extended than your previous one.

You would be able to study your competition and assess your profitability. This estimation takes the scaling of the Price and return, as well as some extra expenses (duties, FOB or any other extra charges) etc.


Obtaining New Insights

New Business insights and evaluation in your team and improved working strategies.

Planning needs proper execution, but before that plan needs to be adequately rationalized to get remarkable results and advantages. USA export Import Data, as well as several other, are here to help you to calculate some of the possible aspects your organization may tackle further.


Domains of Execution

Import Export Data does not only help a certain category of business, albeit it consists of every other industry.

including Chemical, Agriculture, Foods & Beverages and many more. For logistics, you can amplify your sales proclivity and build your brand. Market Research companies may also take several advantages.



This Domain has served millions of Businesses and Industries throughout the years.

If you want to gain remarkable success in Export Import Trade, then this is the right place to be. We assist you with every step of your journey in import & export.


Extent of Implementation

As Market research is limitless, so is Import & Export. They can’t be stopped or confined as it implies in utmost every business industry.

Same for the import-export data, research involves multiple data compositions and you can’t calculate forecasts through intuitions or presuppositions. Import Export Data contains some essential part of that.

professional people

Our Leadership Team

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.


Data Management

The process of Rectification of Raw data into some elements is one of the crucial tasks, as it consists of collecting and arranging records in an appropriate amount of volume. The team align data in such a manner which allows them to understand it even better.


Data Refinement

Data needs to be Understandable to our clients. Else, It would be difficult for them to get something useful out of it. So we refine and get it through the process of rearranging it without bothering the rest of the details. So that consumer would find it even more comprehensible.


Verification Processes

We need to make sure that the file that we are about to send to our clients, doesn’t contain some irrational errors. Market research is a very sensitive and complex method and we can’t compromise with the quality of the file and its information. Although, It may cost us some extra time, however, little late is always better than the wrong knowledge.


Consults and Others

As of today’s world, no matter if you have better services or even products that may revolutionize the whole world. You can’t monetize it by simply putting it on a pedestal. Marketing and Sales team is here to inform and sell our reports but as well as we need them to provide the information as accurately as possible to you. Although, It may cost us some extra time, however, little late is always better than the wrong knowledge.

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Our Valuable Clients

"RBK International contributes to commodities such as agro-based, renewable, energy, metal recycling, petrochemical, ferrous non-ferrous products, distribution and supply chain and retail business distribution."
"Amazon is one of the biggest names in the business today. Being a Titan in approx 200 industries along with food, fashion, entertainment, web services, and on-demand services. It also serves in e-commerce, logistics, payments, hardware, data storage, and media."
Cristian Torres
"Tanisha Industries is one of the biggest names when it comes to pearls and other precious stones alongside Sand Stone, Slate Stone, Lime Stone, Granite, Marble, Stone Decoration, Cobbles, Pebbles in India."
"Need a fine variety of chemicals? Eastman group is one of the biggest names when it comes to chemical production. They also produce a broad range of advanced materials, additives and functional products, speciality chemicals, and fibres that people use every day.."
"Pidilite Industry holds a huge share in the FMCG sector, as it also contributes to waterproofing solutions and adhesives, sealants and other industrial polymerst."

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