Have you ever think that amongst the hundreds of commodities in India, which one sector is the most diversified and has the most of the influence over the Indian economy? Now, you might say ” Agriculture is the most influenced one”.

Agriculture Overview

India is an Agricultural country and this industry is so vast, and one of the most Indian capital and Employment Influenced commodities which have most of its effect throughout the whole nation. As it is contributed 17–18% to the country’s GDP. The sector has immense opportunities and stands first in the world with the highest net cropped area followed by the US and China.
India has possessed the 2nd largest arable land and resources in the world. With the Export of US$ 39.55 bn in 2019 and the market value is further expected to grow till 2020.

Economical Role

Agriculture is the most important component for India, as it employed 58% of the Indian workforce, characterized by agro-ecological diversities in soil, rainfall, temperature, and cropping system.
However, it consists of some of the risks, as climate change is one of them. It can disrupt food availability, reduce access to food, as well as affect food quality. For example, The current rise in onion prices is primarily due to excess rainfall which led to wet fields and farmers weren’t able to harvest more crops.
Also, like increases in temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, changes in extreme weather events, and reductions in water availability may all result in reduced agricultural productivity.
Around 30.00 mn tonnes of banana, 5.85 mn tonnes of papaya and 25.35 mn tonnes of mango were produced in the country and exported throughout the world in which Middle East, Southeast Asia, SAARC countries, the EU and the US are the important countries and continents.
Rice is one of the most essential parts of agriculture with the Export share of Rs. 30,000 crores in the year 2019
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