Denmark Import Data

This country is infamously known as The Kingdom of Denmark, which is famous for its quality design and architecture. It is stated in northern Europe, made up of the Jutland peninsula and more than 400 islands in the north sea, also share the border with Germany. Its official language is Danish, yet there are many other languages too spoken throughout the country. However, 86% of danish speak English as a second language. The currency of Denmark is Danish Krone. Its capital is Copenhagen and is known to be one of the most populous cities of Denmark. Its economic freedom score is 77.9 which makes it 10th freest and 36th largest national economy in the world by GDP.


Import Data

Denmark Import was 98 bn in total throughout the world, making it the 35th ranked in world Imports. Import from India itself was approximately 717 Million in 2020. Below are the Top Importing Products listed.


Top Import Products

Cars Packaged Medicaments Passenger & Cargo ships Delivery Trucks Vehicle parts
Tractors Train and Planes Broadcasting Equipments Computers Office Machine Parts
Valves Electrical transformers Liquid pumps Refrigerator Microphones and headphones
Electrical control boards Integrated circuits Vehicle parts Tractors Air Craft Parts
Motorcycles Armoured vehicles Refined petroleum Crude Petroleum Electricity
Coal Tar Oil Petroleum gas Petroleum coal Iron structures Aluminium plating
Iron pipe fittings Aluminium bars hot rolled iron Finished rod iron Metal mountings
Semi-finished iron Iron blocks Interchangeable tool parts Metal stoppers Aluminium foil
Raw iron bars Other stainless steel bars Iron housewares Padlocks Wine
Soybean meal Animal foods Baked goods Other edible preparations Processed crustaceans
Chocolates Sauces and seasoning Prepared cereals Ice cream Alcohol
Non knit women suits Knit sweaters Seats Light fixtures Medical instruments
Orthopaedic appliances Coffee Vegetable saps Other plastic products Fuelwood
Sawn wood Cement articles Glass fibres Toilet paper Leather footwear

Top Trading Partners

Germany Sweden Netherlands China Norway
Poland United Kingdom France Italy Belgium
United States Russia Spain Czechia Finland
Switzerland Turkey Ireland Austria Hungary
Lithuania India Bangladesh Greenland Slovakia
Latvia Estonia South Korea Portugal Japan
Thailand Chinese Taipei Vietnam United Arab Emirates Slovenia
Romania Brazil Indonesia Ukraine Qatar
Greece Nigeria Malaysia Canada Bulgaria
Singapore Pakistan Marshall Islands Argentina Luxembourg
Cambodia Australia Myanmar Iceland Hong Kong
Mexico Chile Peru Cyprus Israel
South Africa Panama New Zealand Philippines Croatia
Liberia Serbia Morocco Oman Saudi Arabia

Relations with India -

Denmark’s relation with India has been friendly in a lot of ways such as in the economical field, synergies in the political, academic and research fields. Denmark has imported almost 6 billion of goods in march 2021. Eximine helps in finding Chile Exporters, Chile Importers with Chile Import Export custom Data. We specialize in Import Export Custom Data that helps you in finding suppliers for your manufacturing unit. Our Import Export Data also consists of buyers information which helps you to boost your sales internationally. If you are looking for Indian Exporters or Importers, Our custom data contains shipment activities of 40+ countries that consist of Exporter name, contact details, Duties/FOB/CIF, unit price, exchange value etc. Eximine Services offers premium market research Import-Export Data Report, authenticated analysis and accurate forecast. Covering 40+countries for any product helps you to get the maximum returns of your time and investment. We help you to analyze your market capacity through our Import Export Data so that you’d be able to utilize your work-frame.