Malasiya Export Data

Malaysia expanded its Export by 47.3%, 92.3 billion in May 2021, the fourth consecutive month of twofold digit development, yet easing back from a 63% flood in the earlier month and underneath the market agreement of a 56.8% acquire, in the midst of the Covid pandemic. Below are the following Products that Malaysia Export -

Integrated Circuits Refined petroleum Petroleum Gas Semiconductor Devices Palm Oils
Crude Petroleum Industrial Printers Office machine parts Broadcasting Equipments Computers
Machinery having an individual function Video Display Electrical Machinery Parts Domestic Electrical Housewaves Microphone and Headphones
Electrical Heaters Telephones Low voltage protection equipment Electrical Transformers Printed circuit boards
Broadcasting Accessories Radio Reciever Insulated Wires Air Conditioners Excavation Machinery
Vacuum Cleaners Gas Turbines Other heating machinery Electrical Power Accessories Video recording equipment
Electrical capacitors Centrifuges Refrigerators Electric Motors Electrical Resistors
Calculators Agriculture machinery Lifting machinery Metal Holds Electric Batteries
Air Pumps Audio Alarms Metalworking machine parts Rubber wiring machinery Electrical ignition
Transmissions Spark Ignitions Dictation Machine Sewing Machines Electrical control Boards
Valves Electrical Lighting & signalling Equipment Stone Processing Machines Cranes Liquid Dispersing Machines
Sound recording equipment Other Engines Other construction vehicles Electrical Parts Forks - Lifts
Navigation equipments Bll Bearings Carbon Board Electronic Engine Parts Steam Boilers
Electronic Soldering Equipment Knitting Machine Accessories Gaskets Tobacco Processing Machines Electrical Insulators