Malasiya Import Data

Malaysia is famous for Petronas Towers which once was the tallest building in the world, country stated in south-east Asia, it shares a maritime border with Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, known to be the newly industrialized market economy. Malaysia is famous for its diversity of religions, races, and cultures.

Malaysia has a population of 33 Million with 4 groups of communities living there, Majorities of them are Bumiputras, and then Chinese, Indians and others. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, known for Petronas Towers which is considered to be one of the recognizable landmarks.
Its Economy is the 4th largest in southeast Asia, with a GDP of 365 Billion, and was recorded at 11637.32 US dollars per capita in 2020 which makes it rank 35 in the world economy. It Ranks 21 in Exports, with 236 billion Export in Total. Its Import was worth 22,887 million in the last year with the rank 24 in which chemical, electronic products and petroleum were the main Imports.


Import Data

Malaysian Imports bounced 50.3% year-on-year to MYR 78.6 Bn in May 2021, beating market agreement of 50.1% addition, and after a 24.4% ascent in the earlier month, in the midst of the Covid pandemic.
Below are the products Malaysia Imported from the world -

Integrated Circuits Refined petroleum Crude Petroleum Coal Briquettes Iron Ore
Coal, Tar, Oil Office machine parts Semi-Conductors Devices Machinery having individual functions Printed circuit boards
Computers Gas Turbines Low Voltage protection equipment Electrical Transformers Valves
Centrifuges Electrical Batteries Insulated Wires Electric Wires Air Pumps
Electrical Capacitors Other Electrical Machinery Microphones and Headphones Blank Audio Media Transmissions
Electric generating sets Lifting Machinery Air Conditioners Metal Molds Refrigerators
Telephone Broadcasting Accessories Industrial Printers Excavation Machinery Electrical Control Board
Liquid Pumps Other heating Machinery Spark Ignition Engine Rubber machinery Electric Heaters
Video Displays Electric Power Accessories Metal Machine Parts Electric lighting and signalling equipment Engine parts
Ball Bearings Audio Alarms Batteries Video recording equipment Large construction vehicles
Carbon Based Electronics Washing and Boiling Machinery Electro Magnets Electrical Resistors Combustion Engine
Cranes Electrical Ignition High voltage protection equipment Liquid dispersing machine Radio Receiver
Other Engines Electric Furnaces Stone Processing Machinery Forging Machines Motor working tools
Transfer Machines Steam Boilers Sewing Machine Electrical Parts Papermaking Machinery

Top Trade Partners

Below are the Countries Malaysia is a partner with -

China Singapore Japan Chinese Tapei Thailand
South Korea Indonesia India Hong Kong UAE
Saudi Arabia Vietnam Philippines Germany Italy
Switzerland Russia Netherlands Ireland Austria
Sweden France United Kingdom Spain Czech
Noway Denmark Poland Ukraine Finland
Hungary Belarus Lithuania Bulgaria Greece
Slovakia Estonia USA Canada Mexico
Aruba Guatemala Australia New Zealand South Africa
Brazil Argentina Chile Ecuador Libya

Relations with India

India-Malaysia has been close and amicable. There have been ordinary Summit level trades and gatherings, the latest of which were the visits by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to Malaysia from 26 to 28 October 2010 and, prior to that very year, the visit to India in January 2010 of Malaysia's Prime Minister Mohd Najib. Malaysia is the nineteenth biggest Investor in India with aggregate FDI inflows esteemed at US$618.37 million.
More than US$6 billion Malaysian speculations likewise come as media communications, medical care, banking and development projects. There are over 100 Indian organizations, including 60 Indian joint endeavors working in Malaysia. Likewise, there are 60 Indian IT organizations working in Malaysia. IRCON International Ltd. has been occupied with the advancement of rail routes in Malaysia since 1988, and it is as of now executing a twofold following undertaking (Seremban–Gemas) worth more than US $1billion.