Peru Export Data

Peru is one of the countries that share friendly ties with India. Peru is known as The Republic of Peru a Spanish speaking country, situated in South America. Its population is over 33 million and shares its borders with Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador and Chile. It covers more than 1.2 million square km of area and is composed of three regions which are jungle, coast and highlands. Peru is also famously known for its architectural sites as it has one of the 8th Wonders in the world Machu Picchu. Although its primary language is Spanish as its widely spoken language in the country, yet Quechua and Aymara are also known as the official languages of Peru as well. The Capital of Peru is Lima which consists of almost 1 million of its total population which is more than 10 million itself.


Export Data

Peru stands in 53rd of rank in total exports. It ranks 49th economy in the world in terms of GDP. It has shipped more than 35 billion worth of goods in 2020 which is considered to be a 7% of increase since 2016.

Top Export Products

Copper Ore Gold Refined Petroleum Zinc Ore Refined Copper
Animal Meal & Pellets Tropical Fruits Lead Ore Iron Ore Other Fruits
Grapes Raw Zinc Coffee Molluscs Molybdenum Ore
Precious Metal Ore Petroleum Gas Fish Oil Other Vegetables Knit T-shirts
Raw Tin Other Processed Vegetables Processed Crustaceans Silver Raw Plastic Sheeting
Calcium Phosphates Copper Wire Crustaceans Animal Food Citrus
Frozen Fruits & Nuts Knit Men's Shirts Bananas Cocoa Beans Crude Petroleum
Sowing Seeds Buckwheat Plastic Lids Sulfuric Acid Knit Sweaters
Fish Fillets Raw Iron Bars Processed Fish Baked Goods Non-fillet Frozen Fish
Onions Alcohol > 80% ABV Jewellery Unglazed Ceramics Pepper
Other Processed Fruits & Nuts Raw Sugar Raw Copper Zinc Oxide & Peroxide Cocoa Butter
Concentrated Milk Pickled Foods Shaped Wood Frozen Vegetables Glass Bottles
Fruit Juice Toilet Paper Vegetable or Animal Dyes Prepared Wool or Animal Hair Rubber Tires
Light Rubberized Knitted Fabric Copper Bars Palm Oil Retail Wool or Animal Hair Yarn Lake Pigments

Top Trade Partners

China United States Canada South Korea Switzerland
Japan India Brazil Netherlands Chile
Spain Germany United Arab Emirates Ecuador Colombia
Bolivia Italy Belgium Panama Mexico
United Kingdom France Bulgaria Russia Philippines
Chinese Taipei Thailand Hong Kong Argentina Vietnam
Denmark Malaysia Norway Australia El Salvador
Namibia Dominican Republic Guatemala Sweden Georgia
Austria Honduras Finland Poland Costa Rica
Indonesia Turkey Haiti Portugal South Africa

Relations with India-

India and Peru have established their diplomatic relations in 1963 in the month of March. Bilateral between India and Peru witnessed extensive growth in the late 2000s. Trade between two grew from 250 million in 2007 to 3.126 billion in 2018-19. The main commodities Peru imported was iron steel, gas industry, automobiles, cotton and polyester and pharmaceutical products from India. Eximine helps in finding Chile Exporters, Chile Importers with Chile Import Export custom Data. We specialize in Import Export Custom Data that helps you in finding suppliers for your manufacturing unit. Our Import Export Data also consists of buyers information which helps you to boost your sales internationally. If you are looking for Indian Exporters or Importers, Our custom data contains shipment activities of 40+ countries that consist of Exporter name, contact details, Duties/FOB/CIF, unit price, exchange value etc. Eximine Services offers premium market research Import-Export Data Report, authenticated analysis and accurate forecast. Covering 40+countries for any product helps you to get the maximum returns of your time and investment. We help you to analyze your market capacity through our Import Export Data so that you’d be able to utilize your work-frame.